Benefits Today, a person walks mainly on hard industrial floors such as concrete and asphalt and often wears shoes that limit walking and standing. The result is painful: This places a heavy burden on health services worldwide due to the conditions and the need for treatment of the locomotor system.

Joya supports the natural movement of the foot and promotes active walking. It also promotes a healthy posture, which provides relief to the back and joints, reducing and preventing back pain and joints.

Joya offers a unique feeling of walking. The difference with other shoes is clear from the first step. The soft feeling sets new standards in the area of ​​comfortable footwear - this shoe combines fashion and comfort designs. Joya has developed different unique technologies to meet the most diverse needs of customers.

After a thorough examination, Joya was rated by the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) as a footwear especially beneficial for a healthy back in 2016, and even received the coveted AGR seal of quality. The seal of approval, which the AGR developed jointly with the two main German school associations, serves as an optimal guide for consumers when they buy ergonomic products. Thanks to the strict test criteria and a committee formed by proven medical experts, the AGR quality seal enjoys a high level of acceptance in the medical community.

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